Remy Dean is an Author, Artist, and Lecturer in Creative Arts and Media. Editor and Head Writer for The Signifier, Curator for : six : shot : gallery.

I enjoy reading and writing about a wide variety of topics with particular interest in Art, Film, and Folklore. Also, I love writing fiction and my latest novels are part of an epic series, This, That, and The Other - fantasy adventures inspired by local folklore and fairy tales, written with Zel Cariad as creative consultant and published in the UK by The Red Sparrow Press. They're my first works of fiction aimed at a general audience from middle-grade upward. Previous works of fiction include Scraps, a punk-noir novel, Final Bough, a tale of the supernatural, and The Race Glass, a short story collection.

I've enjoyed being a Senior Lecturer in Creative Arts, Design, and Lens-based Media at college-level, hosting Creative Writing courses, and presenting bespoke lectures on Folklore, as well as being Writer in Residence for various organisations including the Snowdonia National Park, National Trust, Culture Action Llandudno, and several primary schools. My formal qualifications include a BA (Hons) Design (Audio-Visual), Post-graduate Certificate in Education (P.G.C.E.), and an MA in Creative Writing (Script).

Here I am, saying 'Hello' to one of the megaliths at Avebury Stone Circle...

I moved around a lot over the years but have settled in Eryri (Snowdonia), 'land of legends', with my wife, daughter, and dog, where I enjoy long nature rambles through the ancient landscape followed by a good panad or a wee dram.

You can find my writings on Art at Signifier, a Medium Publication that I edit. I also host and curate the Signifier : Six : Shot : Gallery presenting monthly showcases of contemporary artists.

Most of my online writing about Film can be found at Frame Rated.

For more about my other writings, books, and visual art, visit my website or connect with BlueSky and Mastodon.

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Remy Dean

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Author, Artist, Lecturer in Creative Arts & Media. ‘This, That, and The Other’ fantasy novels published by The Red Sparrow Press.