Criterion Blu-ray Film Review

While trying to secure a $1M donation for his museum, a palaeontologist is pursued by an often irritating heiress and her pet leopard…

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Jan Gardner on ‘Compassion of the Brush and Heart’

I suppose everyone was in a similar position in March 2020, planning and researching work, getting about their daily tasks, routines, work, domestic, family, etc. I was preparing work for a show opening in May, which because of ‘lockdown’ was re-scheduled for end of August. I found myself continuing with work at the announcement of that first lockdown. What follows is a summery of the six works I selected...

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Three examples of how Albrecht Dürer used observation, without preconception, as a tool for scientific and philosophical discovery

Albrecht Dürer was a precocious talent and whilst still in his teens produced drawings that masters would try to outbid each other for, so they could learn by copying his mark-making techniques. He went on to become one of the first celebrities of art and made his name into a recognisable ‘brand’, prominently signing his work with his ‘AD’ logo.

‘Self Portrait at 28’ (1500) by Albrecht Dürer [view license]

Part of his self-promotion was a series of self-portraits produced through his twenties. Dürer is given credit for introducing this discipline to art. Other artists had used themselves as visual reference and included their own likeness in historical scenes, but…

Retrospective Film Review

A New York cop investigates a series of brutal deaths that resemble animal attacks.

How the Campbell’s soup tin became a Pop icon to rival Marilyn and Elvis…

The humble can of Campbell’s soup was notable even before Andy Warhol made it ‘iconic’ in the 1960s. Over half-a-century earlier, it was one of the earliest examples of deliberate graphic language intended to attract and inform using ‘stealth’ psychology to improve its commercial performance over its competitors — what we now know as ‘packaging design’, a sort of ‘sub-set’ of advertising.

‘(32) Campbell’s Soup Cans’ (1962) by Andy Warhol [view license]

The origins of canned food can be traced back even further, to the Napoleonic Wars in Europe when a very attractive award of 12,000 French Francs was offered for a successful process of preserving food indefinitely. This was…

Gian Lorenzo Bernini is among the greatest sculptors of the Baroque with a talent for storytelling in stone…

From childhood, Gian Lorenzo Bernini was trained by his sculptor father Pietro who, in 1606, accepted a prestigious Papal commission to provide marble relief statuary for the Cappella Paolina, Santa Maria Maggiore. The large Bernini family then moved to Rome where Gian Lorenzo’s ‘precocious talent’ was noticed by Scipione Borghese, the influential Cardinal and art aficionado who would become the artist’s patron.

To begin with, Gian Lorenzo collaborated on commissions with Pietro as a formidably talented duo, though it was the son who began to innovate their style by introducing such theatrical narrative. He didn’t want to merely represent stock…

How Poul Henningsen practically invented ‘mood lighting’ and lit the way for artists to use light as their main medium

Poul Henningsen was a journalist, critic, author, playwright, political commentator, and writer of comic songs, though he’s best known as an architect and commercial designer. In 1924, he was commissioned by the Louis Poulsson Company to experiment with the new electric lighting technologies and became one of the first to treat light as an art medium. He saw light as an intangible sculptural element, its form dependent on the opacity, translucence, and reflectiveness of the objects that interrupted it and the environment that contained it.

the 1926 ‘PH Lamp’ in white steel designed by Poul Henningsen [view license]

He recognised the psychological effect that lighting can have on a place and how it…

Announcing the July Exhibition at . signifier . six . shot . gallery .

David Thomas on ‘Gogarth’

Living near the Great Orme, walking and cycling over and around it on countless occasions has developed an affinity for this lump of rock. It is one of the very distinctive landmarks of the North Wales landscape. A self-contained world. The contrasting topography of gentle grazing with sheer cliffs and complex geology. Its rich history dates back to the Bronze Age, contrasting with the modern additions of a cable tram, chair lift…

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